Allergy Antidotes

Allergy Antidotes™ is a comprehensive highly successful system for assessing, identifying, and treating allergies / substance sensitivities, eliminating undesirable physical and emotional symptoms.

Allergy Antidotes is a non-invasive system for eliminating physical and emotional symptoms caused by allergies. Substances that cause allergies are called allergens. An allergen can be
a food or pollen for example, to toxic substances like petrol or environmental pollution.

'The treatment essentially reprograms the nervous system and brain to no longer react to the treated allergen. Once the body accepts reprogramming, it heals itself.'

How does Allergy Antidote work?
Muscle response testing identifies the substances causing these reactions, which weaken the energy system. Using a gentle tapping along the spine, the client’s body is balanced to no longer react negatively to the offending substances.

Reactions to various substances can produce a myriad of symptoms including ADD, anxiety, depression, arthritis, respiratory problems, menstrual difficulties, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, brain fog, panic attacks, headaches, weight gain, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, and aches and pains.

Allergy Antidotes balances the body’s energy in relationship to an allergen. When the body’s energy system is balanced, the symptoms no longer exist.

In Energy Therapy an allergy is defined as “a weakening of the body’s energy system”. Therefore, we are treating the energy disturbance, not the symptoms.

Jimmy Scott, Ph.D. (the originator of Health Kinesiology) states in his book Energy and Allergy “... treatment means that it is the energy disturbance, which is being treated, not the psychological or physical symptoms.”



Please Note:
This page offers information only about Treatment Options for Allergies & Intolerances. Allergy Link does not provide Allergy or Intolerance treatments.




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