Allergy Treatment & Elimination

Today nobody has to live with the often debilitating, distressing and sometimes life threatening symptoms caused by substances and foods. You don’t have to suffer through your body’s hypersensitive response to allergens.

The key to combating adverse reactions is identifying first what your body is affected by or reacting to, and then finding out ways to either avoid these substances, reduce or even eliminate your symptoms for the future.

How effective a complementary treatment will be for you, may depend on how severe your symptoms are, your biochemistry and the types of therapy/s you consider. Many studies suggest alternative medicine is very helpful for reducing adverse reactions and allergic symptoms. In some cases it is helpful to use a combination of techniques including acupuncture, homeopathy and supplementation to help desensitize you to a known allergen.

The practitioner may also work with you to help boost your immune system so you are better able to fight off infection and eradicate some sensitivities to known irritants.


The originator of Health Kinesiology, Jimmy Scott, Ph.D.states in his book Energy and Allergy “... treatment means that it is the energy disturbance, which is being treated, not the psychological or physical symptoms.” He continues that, “if the energy balance is regained then any symptom which may have developed will now be eliminated by the body itself.”


In Energy Therapy an allergy is defined as “a weakening of the body’s energy system”.

Therefore, we are treating the energy disturbance, not the symptoms.

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According to Dr. von Rosen, Hay fever is often a congenital disease in which the cause of pollen can not be avoided. However, it is possible to reduce the sensitivity of the mucous membranes. Many allergic disorders are linked to the chemical overload in today's environment. This chemical overload can only be partially reduced, but not completely avoided, For this reason it is most important to treat the gastrointestinal tract because where about 80% of the body's immune cells are located, which are our most important cells for allergy treatment.





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