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Thank you so much for my report. It’s a lot to take in. I knew I was highly intolerant to casein but unaware of all the other substances. I’m vegan and I do eat a lot of nuts (in their raw state) and wheat. I will have to read the report a few times to digest all the information fully.I would definitely recommend Allergy Link to anyone who shows an interest in being tested. I’m glad allergy testing is so much more affordable nowadays and that people can take a bit more control and manage their own nutrition and health better. Brilliant service and comprehensive info. Thanks again.
Nadine Hun. Watford, UK

Made changes to cut out wheat and yeast (don't drink alcohol anyway) and to further reduce dust mite exposure. Improvements noted in nasal congestion, reduction in mucus. Reduction in fluid retention in fingers, less discomfort from early arthritis, much calmer digestive system. Have also noted some interesting bowel evacuations, which I assume are some of the unwanted bacteria leaving my system. I await further improvements with interest! Thank you.
Janis Thomas, UK

Thank you for my Allergy report, it's certainly most unexpected! I am relieved that no heavy metals were found, which is good, however extremely surprised to see tomatoes in the list of foods I am highly intolerant to! I am going to continue reading the synopsis to see try and understand how to take the results and apply to my diet. There are so many links to my health problems from what I have read so far, I am hoping it would make a huge difference in my future life and certainly help make me healthy. I'd like to thank you again for the results and I hope to be in touch again soon when my husband might decide to have his hair analyzed as well - he has got asthma and suffers from hay fever, which led me to think there could also be something in his diet or perhaps metals in his system that cause that and potentially other symptoms.
Marianne C. Newmarket, UK

Many thanks for processing my report so quickly! It was very helpful and comprehensive including all the effects of the various foods and minerals. I did conclude that the main problem was shellfish which surprised me at first on a high rating as I don't eat it! but I have been taking Glucosamine for a long time now and checked with the manufacturers and sure enough it is mainly derived from that. It was most useful your alternative suggestion which I did not know about and have now acquired some and started on this-to be on the safe side for now cutting out the dairy products too which are on medium rating which was the previous problem and maybe try and introduce a bit later again. Thanks you so much and I shall be recommending you to others!
Ruth Bailey. Oxon, UK

Thank you for performing the test for me and the comprehensive report. I have been taking time to digest the report. The results confirmed one or two things I already new and several others that were suspected, plus a few other surprises too! I studied the report and it was fairly easy for me to spot the patterns in the food and beverages sections - lots for me to cut out! Actually I have previously cut out most of those things for short periods of time (1-3 months) and have seen some good improvement. It was really good to see that affirmed again here. I was 'amused' (not) to see that I have some low level EMF stress reactions to my working environment, not surprised at all really. Sleeping direction - interesting! I was previously aware of the best directions and actually do have my head facing due north. However there is one other possibility, my head is directly underneath the TV aerial (about 3m) I'm wondering if that could cause any issue? Clearly something is not working for me there. Many thanks for your help
Andrew Gray. Nelson, New Zealand

I tested for intolerances, cut the trigger foods out that contributed to my IBS. I highly recommend that everybody takes ownership of their health and get tested. I've had my children tested and I am amazed at the results. As a family we can now live an informed life.
Male. 47

I came upon your site and thought it would be nice to drop a line to tell you how I appreciate the www.allergylink.co.uk website and links. I'm Anne by the way, and my Georgie I can say is a healthy lad besides his occasional asthma attacks which I've found out just recently is due to allergies. So lo and behold I found your page while doing my research in between chores. Very helpful, concise, and easy to understand especially the treatment options and symptoms. Please give a pat on the back to everyone who's been part of this website. From a typical mum like me, it has been a big help! And I have one site recommendation which I hope you'd find useful http://www.startlocal.com.au/articles/educational_asthma.html I thought it would be a good complement to your list of resources since it has a walk-through of home allergens and tips on how to get rid of them. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart!!