Treating Allergies with Ask & Receive

What is Ask and Receive?

Ask and Receive is an exciting new technique based on the idea that thereis a higher part of ourselves that already knows the answers to our emotional or physical problem.

In practice, Ask and Receive is a very gentle process that can work even faster than EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques. And like EFT you can learn how to do Ask & Receive on your own. A very simple and empowering tool, accessible to both professionals and the person on the quest for self-help.

People are using this simple process to ask for changes in every part of their lives. Greater health, less pain, releasing trauma, more joy, greater flexibility, better relationships, peace. People are asking for and receiving all of these things and many more.

Ask and Receive Concepts:

1. Higher States of our consciousness always have the answers.
They always have a bigger picture - a higher perspective.
2. We do not always have access to this information.
3. Ask and Receive gives us a way to directly get Higher States knowledge.
4. Ask and Receive uses the power of the word.
5. Trauma creates limiting beliefs that continue to run our lives.
6. In Ask and Receive we unhook past traumas from current reality.
7. As unlimited beings we can create profound changes within us.
8. Ask and receive can be used for oneself, with another and also on behalf of others.

What has it got to do with Allergies?

The existential leap into the Ask & Receive procedure grew out of a combination of Sandi Radomski's Allergy Antidotes and Tom Altaffer's Higher States Therapy. Sandi and Tom began working together during a cooperative attempt to treat Tom's allergies. Tom, who had tried everything, both conventional medicine and alternative, to heal them; found minimal relief.

Ask and Receive is very promising tool for releasing and healing beliefs, patterns and links to the emotional components involved in allergies and substance sensitivities, addressing the root cause.

Allergy Antidotes applies muscle testing to find and heal the body’s defensive reaction to foods and the environment. Higher States helps to shift an individual into very high levels of consciousness from which they have access to information for healing and releasing.

Using both of these approaches they were able to more fully develop Ask & Receive as well as discover some important guiding principles of consciousness development. They are currently using it specifically to work with Autistic patients and have witnessed amazing results.

Consultation sessions for therapy are available with Sandi or Tom by telephone, or by

Discover Ask & Receive - Self-Help Technique forAllergies

Discover this amazing technique for yourself with their step-by-step Manual. Their Ask & Receive Manual is available as an immediate PDF download.

You'll learn how and why it works
how to use it to work with others
the mechanics of self-muscle testing and much more.

Sample Statements to Test When Working with Allergies:

My body knows how to absorb and use ____________ appropriately/properly.

My body knows how to handle _______ and feel safe and comfortable.

My immune system no longer needs to have negative reactions to ________.

My immune system feels safe even when I ingest / exposed to __________.

I unhook any association with __________from any past (trauma, feeling of wanting to run away, dinner table chaos, etc.)

My body allows ______________ into my cells.

My body knows how to heal and release my fear of ______________.

I breathe freely and easily even when I am exposed to ______________.

My immune system knows how to relax and let down its guard.

It is safe for me to no longer carry my ancestor’s fear of ____________.

My body knows how to smell a smell and still feel safe and comfortable.

My limbic system knows how to smell a smell and still feel safe and comfortable.

Test in each of the above statements:

  • Safety
  • Deserving
  • Possible
  • Keep my identity

If the muscle test is weak or the person does not feel in alignment with these statements, do the Ask & Receive steps inserting the identified statement in the blank in the first step.

Ask & Receive Steps:

1. There is a part of my Being that already knows how to _________.
2. That part of my Being is willing to inform the rest of me now.
3. It is doing so now with grace and ease.
4. My mind, body and spirit are receiving this information.
5. Information transfer is now complete.



Please Note:
This page offers information only about Treatment Options for Allergies & Intolerances. Allergy Link does not provide Allergy or Intolerance treatments.




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