Radiesthesia Explained

Radiesthesia is a complex field

The science of Radiesthesia establishes 'resonance of energy fields' which are emitted by everything - every existing atom and molecule 'vibrates'. The 'unseen energies' of these energy fields also underlie 'universal polarity' of plus and minus - which governs physicality of all objects - thus making them detectable. Naturally the vibrational fields of the human body resonates with other matter of animate or inanimate nature. Radiesthesia can access this information with specially calibrated instruments and establish the value against a scale of qualitative measure to decode this information.

The Allergy Test is established through analysing a 'request-form with hair-sample' - which contains the individuals energy field or frequencies - to establish resonance or dissonance with the allergen or substance measured against. The result provides a rating within a colour scale relative to the person’s current affectedness.


The term Radiesthesia derived from the Latin words 'radiation' and 'perception'. The corresponding German word is 'Radiästhesie'. In English 'radiesthesia' is most commonly used for medical applications.
The concept of radiesthesia dates as far back as 7,000 years. The term 'Radiesthesia' is used interchangeably with dowsing.


Radiesthesia is based on the fact that all objects carry energy and radiate at a specific frequency, much like the theory of ‘vibrational frequencies’ described within Homeopathy.

In Radiesthesia ‘energy’ is understood as ‘vibration’, a ‘radiating force’ emanating from and between objects. This information is accessible on a Vibrational level, measuring the impact of vibrational interaction of a substance in relation to the body by the degree at which it attracts or repels (giving a positive or negative charge according to scientific law).

'Vibrational Energy is not something mysterious or mystical; in contrast, it has quality and quantity and can be determined, measured and made visible under scientific light with modern equipments.'

Like the frequency waves of radio and television are beyond our perception, when we turn on the proper equipment those energies become translated into visible images and audible sounds within our perceptual range of sensitivity. Some people have the extra sensory ability to access this information.

Medical Dowsing is a specialised field within Radiesthesia utilizing simple ‘pendular’ instruments to measure minute vibrational interactions between energy fields, in order to find sources of imbalances or disturbances to the energy system of a human being or animal.

In order to analyze these ‘frequency interactions’, a clear focus has to be set, to measure the frequency of the objects (representatives of the Vibrational energy =samples) against a standardized scale to measure the "quality" of interactions for a correct interpretation.

The radiesthetic analysis measures the energy radiation in relation between a person’s energy to the energy of a subject or substance i.e. foods, pollen, animal hair, etc.. Thus samples (whiteness) are required from the person as well as of the substance in question.

Today we know that bodily substances and secretions like blood, hair, saliva contain the DNA of a person making this individual unique and identifiable. The same is true for the ‘Vibrational Frequencies’, which are the energetic signature of a person - carrying ‘All’ information. And since substance sensitivities cause imbalances in the body’s energy system, these will also be present in a person’s ‘energy extension’ such as hair or nails. For allergy analysis purpose hair is commonly used as a sample.


The process of Food intolerance & Substance sensitivity testing
The practitioner measures the energy field of the patient by holding the supplied hair-sample against the Vibrational Frequency of a substance whilst measuring the rate on a standardized indicator scale. This process ensures benchmark measuring. The ratings given take the range as set by the measuring scale. Allergy Link has defined these as follows:

Sensitivity 0-10%, Low 10-35% / Medium 35-70% / High 70-99.9%
The information transmitted is made visible by the measuring device, giving clear indication at which level or rate a frequency interaction – were the substance measured against is accepted or rejected. In this manner specific substances (potential allergens) are identified. These are likely to cause an imbalance or reaction in the person body (corresponding to organs, diseases or psychological conditions). Though the substances identified often indicate that a food or substance poses some form of stress to the body, even if no immediate reaction is noticeable.


After many years of experience, I am confident to say, that the accuracy of the testing procedure lies between 90% - 99%. The standardised testing protocol incorporates an accuracy check, always aiming to reach an accuracy of 97-100%. Testing has to reach this 'benchmark' in order to be released as '100% Complete'. In rare cases certain foods or substances may not show (or show lower) in the allergy report, especially if exposure to known ‘allergens’ has been avoided, or the offending substance eliminated for a period of time (usually more than 3 months).

However, human errors can't be excluded. Perhaps that is one difference to standard medical tests - allegedly reliable - although they are not 'immune' to errors and false positive readings can always occur. Intolerances are not permanent, static or fixed for life like most allergies. Fluctuations are naturally expected.

If in doubt, I always recommend to get a second opinion and back up the findings through a different test; although every test has a different directive. (Getting different opinions or quotes is seen as common practice, and should also apply to testing for intolerances and allergies.)


Research & general acceptance
Although there are many unexplained accounts of the successful use of radiesthesia, or dowsing, the practice is still the target of much ridicule and even contempt from some areas of the allopathic medical profession. However, the accuracy can be verified by many success stories.

While some may call its usefulness to question, the least that can be said is that radiesthesia does no harm. It does not employ radiation, it does not involve the administration of chemicals, and it is non-invasive. There are no known side effects associated with radiesthesia.

Radiesthesia is furthermore applied and used in many areas, not just Medical or health dowsing. Feng Shui practitioners have been using dowsing to locate earth energies and disturbances in houses. Or to pick a location to build a house for example, so as to avoid certain situations such as groundwater, geopathic stress , or any other factor that is believed to be detrimental to health. In times gone by, important buildings such as churches, hospitals, palaces, castles and homes, were commonly built after consultation with a dowser regarding the best location.

Even though Radiesthesia is considered an ‘acquired’ art, some do have the extra sensory ability. Though it is a discipline that can be learned and developed with much practice.

However, Quantum physics - a branch of science that deals with 'indivisible units of energy' - is the fast developing basis of future medicine.

Bioenergetic Healthcare is an approach that bridges the worlds of conventional and complementary healthcare. In its conventional use, it  harnesses energy and information fields via technologies such as x-rays, MRI scanning, CAT scans, ultrasound, and other imaging systems, to activate and detect structures in the body on physical, molecular and bio-electrical levels. In the world of complementary medicine, Bioenergetics is taken further to include fields of energy and information that underlie the physical body and that may even control all physiological functioning – what is called a human biofield or body-field. Bioenergetics therapies seek to stimulate and repair this natural biofield, to harness other natural energy and information fields, and to directly activate the body’s own self-healing capabilities.


Allergy - Link
Allergy Link founder Ute Eden has been a Radiesthesia Practitioner since 1997. Trained in Holistic Health Dowsing in Hamburg, Germany (1994-1997) by the late naturopath Alexander Zoltan, she became a teacher and was awarded the honorary title of Master Dowser in 1999.
She moved to north-east England to translated the complete Holistic Health Dowsing work into English and founded the 'School of Holistic Dowsing' (2001).
From 2002 Ute started to specialise in Allergy and Intolerance detecting/testing and trained in NAET and Allergy Antidote, both to advanced level. She developed the unique testing procedure and founded Allergy Link in 2004. Since then she provided more than 25.000 tests throughout UK, Europe and Japan mainly in conjunction with clinics and practitioners. The test service is constantly evolving and further developed integrating new findings.


Over the years Ute Eden has developed a unique test method for detecting substance sensitivities (adverse reactions & Intolerances) allocating a standardised test-protocol. This refined testing procedure utilizes a hair-sample as a carrier of a persons energy imprint (whiteness). The principle is the same as employed by muscle testing – detecting weaknesses. The test can be applied in personal consultations or through postal application with information carriers / energy imprints. The advantage of using a hair-sample simply means that an individual does not have to be present for assessment. The accuracy is the same.

The advantage of using a hair-sample simply means that an individual does not have to be present for assessment.

Since substance sensitivities cause an imbalance in the body’s energy system, these energy 'disturbances' will also be present as 'Vibrational frequency' in a person’s ‘extension’ such as hair or nails.




Brief History

In Germany and Poland, Radiesthesia has a well documented, long-standing tradition dating back to 1450; primarily for the research of wells and underground water, as well as for the exploration of ore minerals. In 1560 - "Queen Elizabeth the 1st, of England - had German miners come to England to teach dowsing to their miners, to enable them to find mines and ore deposits." 'The dowser had to be able to determine whether a metal vein is present in the ground, what metal it is, how deep it is, and how much is present, before miners were able to excavate the ore mostly with hoe and shovel'. In addition to the two main uses of Radiesthesia there was a third so-called "forbidden" use of radiaesthesia, such as locating people or geomancy. Anyone in violation was often called guilty of witchcraft; and the resourceful mining prospectors, therefore, were usually standing with one leg in front of the Inquisition.



Today Radiesthesia is applied in many areas:

Locating: water, gold, oil and other minerals; underground pipes and leaks; road building; geomancy; faulty equipment and sources of malfunctions; lost objects; missing persons or pets; problems in the body, causes or solutions, vacation spots; etc.

Analysing or testing: allergies, quality and freshness of food and water, chemicals, pesticides or bacteria in food, compatibility between people and places or things, health of plants, counterfeit currency, live batteries, Truth or Falsehood, etc.

Decision making: careers, investments, holiday location, relationships, dates, timing, healthful foods, etc.



 Disclaimer:  using Allergy Links testing service - implies your acceptance of the disclaimer.

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